The principle of knitting has not changed in the last 100 years.


 IN THAT EACH AND EVERY KNIT IS A PIXEL. There is a lot of truth in that. We make our socks knit by knit. Each one counts.

Many people simply do not understand the complexity of the knitting process and the technical limitations and constraints that it entails. Not so surprising if they do not have any real knowledge of knitting!

So it’s best to forget about the entire language of yarns, needles, gauges, counts, bitmaps, colours per course and so on. It will simply overcomplicate things.

The basics will do: socks can be knitted in up to 6 colours, including the background colour.

Left&Right socks

See the photo on the left-above This is a crew sock with an all-over repeated design- Note how sharp the knitted design is?

On the right is s crew sock with a curved design. Notice the slight jaggedness in the logo? That is a normal in knitting.

Its not recommended to knit into the cuff area


Small and highly complex logo designs are not suitable for knitting. If we receive a complex design, our graphic designer will have to simplify it so it is suitable for knitting.


It is not possible to knit a design into the heel and toe.

Then onto the most important element: THE QUALITY OF THE KNITTED LOGO DESIGN.

The best and most clearly defined logo reproduction on a sock is the result of horizontal and vertical knitting. However, the moment curved logos and texts have to be knitted, jaggedness will appear-this is normal.

NO FEAR! Leave everything with us. Take advantage of our FREE SOCK DESIGN SERVICE and send us your vector logo design along with basic instructions of how you would like your sock produced.

Our talented graphic designer will come up with some awesome designs that can be knitted to a high-quality standard. Just like the ones you see below, this is a result of an amazing graphic design talent.