About Kingly

Our Company

Kingly is one of Europe’s leading producers of socks & bespoke clothing, promotional textiles and Creative Garment Packaging, all underpinned by a rapid move towards sustainability. Considered by many to be the fastest and most reliable producer in Europe and the USA, we pride ourselves on an unmatched combination of price, quality and service.

We are different because our uniquely flexible operation means we manufacture in record speeds, from only 10 working days. Advanced technology allows us to produce a wide range of knitted socks to the exact specifications of our customers.

Kingly’s high quality, great prices and prompt delivery have led to 120+% yearly growth for the last 5 years. Our TRUST PILOT score of 9.3/10 rates us as EXCELLENT.


However, what takes absolute priority is Kingly´s positive business model, always driving us to rethink how we deliver value. We have successfully implemented a closed loop of production, use, collection and re-cycling to create a truly sustainable range of socks and packaging. Whilst all producers are motivated by generating profits, this is often at the cost of using contaminating materials.  Our model is leading the way to counter this:  currently 65% of the socks that we manufacture and 90% of all socks packaging is sustainable! This percentage is growing year to year.

Kingly is not a heartless money-making machine; it is the exact opposite. We donate part of our nett profits to charities and manufacture socks for the homeless and all types of charities and foundations.

We are different. We care. We embrace sustainability. We give back to the needy.

Our History

We have to go back to 1994 when Rob Armour, the future Kingly founder, began his career in the textile garment sector. His first job was working in a vertically integrated textile producer of knitted garments. He moved on to other companies related to textiles and gathered vital experience through the years and across the industry. It was not just the experience that counted, however, but the displeasure Rob felt in witnessing just how contaminating the textile sector is – which, with few exceptions, is literally raping the world of its natural resources. Early on, Rob envisaged his closed-loop business model and this is now at the heart of Kingly.

The biggest lesson learnt in the textile industry is that to be successful, you simply have to perform better than the competition. Naturally born passion, dedication and generosity is what Rob has, and from that point on Kingly was formed in 2012.

In a short period of time, Kingly has become one of the fastest growing sock producersegarded by many to be the best. For ‘best’ read top quality, great prices and the incredibly shortened delivery lead times that others simply cannot match. It takes discipline, extremely hard work and passion to meet the demand of this market. The rewards are high and Kingly gladly donate part of their profits to charities and other good causes.

It is the core values and ethics that are of paramount importance to Kingly and based on this, we have created the first ever sock company to have implemented a truly sustainable range of socks and packaging.

It is all about genuinely embracing sustainability, which Kingly has successfully done. Unfortunately, it is sad to know that there are very few in the sector who share the same vision. Others all too often parade their claim to sustainability in green sounding mission statements and seductive PR stunts. But when it really matters, they give in to greed and put profit above all else. They fail to act on their promises and have no real call to action.

This is where Kingly is different. We mean what we say. Combining sustainable materials and packaging with consistently high quality, we have seamless ethical production and reliable delivery. As a result, Kingly grew at a rate of 120% in 2019 and will quite easily grow by 300% in 2020.

Kingly today has one principal vision and we are proud to have taken on board many of the world’s largest agencies and companies who share this vision with us and are distributing our range of sustainable socks. Our vision is now a reality, carried forward with ever increasing momentum and, we hope, as an inspiration to others. It can be summed in just a few words:



Thank you to all the hundreds (which by 2020 – 2021 will become thousands) of agencies who are helping us enforce this vision.

Thanks to the end users like Google, Microsoft, Spacex and the big boys for your support. Without you on board, people would simply not notice.

This is where our story ends and yours begins, in the anticipation that you too wish to come aboard and embrace this vision!


Recently Kingly was awarded the prestigious 2020 Promotional Gift Award for its upcycled socks packaged incompostable bags.

Kingly is gravely concerned by climate change and we enforce our strict eco sustainability model: 75% of all socks we make have to use organic or upcycled yarn. In addition to that, 90% of all socks packaging, namely the self-seal bags, are now compostable.

We work continually to increase these percentages.

Many, many people and companies complain about climate change, yet most do nothing about it. They have not yet seen that profit does not have to be at the expense of the planet.

Our promise  is not marketing jargon; we are doers. Kingly have successfully embraced sustainability and have become the world’s most eco sustainable sock manufacturer .