Case Studies

Since each client has specific needs, at Kingly we develop unique socks and customized solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We use our technical knowledge and expertise to turn your projects into reality. Our team of professionals are here to help you build your brands with amazing socks.

We are proud of our diverse portfolio of successful case studies, from Retail and Cosmetics to E-commerce and the Food & Beverage Industry. No matter what business sector you are in, we will always do our best to develop functional and inspiring sock designs that fulfil your requirements.

What better than these case studies to show the true value of custom knitted socks by Kingly? Our exceptional quality, service and shortened lead times have enabled us, via our agency representatives, to offer sock choices to, the world’s most prestigious brands – resulting in successful and memorable promotional campaigns

Our effective socks solutions allow these clients to effectively maximize their investments.

Otherwise, they would not be returning routinely with repeat orders y.

Kingly has a Trust Piot score of 9.3/10. Rated as EXCELLENT.


They decided to send gifts to their employees and collaborators as a ‘Thank you’ at various occasions throughout the year.
While searching for a suitable gift to send to valued customers, they came across knitted socks,
“The standard of knitting was another ‘tick in the box’ and the outcome of the promotions was a resounding success “as commented by Google

Since then, Kingly have knitted over 40 unique socks designs for distribution worldwide and this trend has continued.

The result and benefits?

They were ecstatic with the result of the knitting quality and awesome designs.

Competitively priced, exclusive custom knitted designs, easy to distribute, adding value to the brand.

With dozens of orders placed, this can mean only one thing. SUCCESSFUL PROMOTIONS.


They wanted to promote their stance on environmental awareness while showing something relevant to their industry. They found our organic range of knitted socks as the ideal gift for their promotional events. Made of GOTS certified organic yarn with a recycled printed sock tag inside an individual self-seal compostable bag! This was a perfect fit for their environmental and sustainability policies.

The result and benefits?  A highly appreciated gift with value and appeal. They were so pleased with the outcome of the promotions that they reordered the same sock composition for many of their brands to include Burn energy drink, Fanta, Powerade, Nordic Mist and Sprite.


A free pair of socks was given to visitors at Trade Shows.
The result was an increase of visitors to the stand, which generated many sales leads to follow up on.

The result and benefits?

Convenient as a give-away at trade fairs. Socks are light and a space saver; easy to take to a trade fair and easy for recipients to carry away. Socks are also hugely popular, as they help the event to have a sustainable impact in the memories of the attendees.


Las Vegas

They were on the lookout for an exciting and engaging promotional product that could grab the attention of their customers. They chose to use socks but wanted a special package to add value and surprise. The result was a pair of custom mid-calf socks placed inside a recycled branded tin, with a stylish ring pull lid.

The result and benefits? 
MASSIVE! Everybody wanted one and it was no surprise that the event was a resounding success.  Long after the event was over lucky customers are remembering those amazing socks. Anyone who spotted someone wearing these socks was green with envy!


Halloween was coming up fast and they wanted a pair of knee-high socks to distribute at a promotional event.

The result and benefits?

Fun, comfortable, unique and exciting knitted sock designs that bring back long lasting memories of that amazing Halloween event. The recipients of the socks absolutely loved the knee-high design and thought that it was extremely considerate of Nickelodeon to hand out such a gracious gift. The socks were distributed a week before Halloween. They were so pleased with the outcome that they are already in discussions for Halloween 2020 based on a 5,000 pair order

An important mention is that these socks had to be produced in a very tight timeframe to be delivered exactly one week prior to the event, something that Kingly has mastered. There is no room for failure for timed events and our fine-tuned operation means we can manage this process with confidence.


For Christmas 2019 they required thick and comfortable crew socks for their customers, split into 2 designs, one for men and the other for women.

These socks featured full inner terry lining for additional warmth and a super cushioning effect.

The result and benefits?

Products that were original, exclusive and unique. A full custom knitted sock exactly how the consumer wanted them, keeping customers feet nice and warm in the winter months.

The socks ended up being such a hit, that Oriflame have decided to repeat the order for 2020 using a thinner sock for the summer months.


This top software provider offers a wide range of Flash-based slot games for online casinos. The range of socks are used as give-aways at events, parties and point of sale. The socks were distributed throughout Europe and the USA.

The result and benefits?

Fun designs and a real hit at trade fairs. A hugely popular product, the socks were accepted by all, resulting in memorable marketing campaigns. Now in its fourth year of running, they continuously use Kingly socks for their promotions.

“Even though our order was right before the Christmas holidays and our deadlines were very strict, they made very colourful and high-quality socks for our promo and delivered them in time to London. The representatives of the company were very professional and responsive, so we really enjoyed working with your agency and KINGLY.” 


Believe in Children

They’re the oldest and largest children’s charity in the UK

They always require monetary and merchandise donations to support kids in need. Kingly is a supporter of the charity and makes regular contributions to the charity in form of knitted socks.

They have achieved a lot for disadvantaged kids.

In 2017-18, they worked with 301,100 children, young people, parents and carers.

This included:

143,500 through their children’s centres
23,500 through their school-based programmes
134,100 through their other work

For more information go to


They are a firm believer in socks and use them continuously for promotional events. There are too many to mention, as they are flat out, busy sending out socks to their events!

On this occasion, they requested sneaker socks for a Spanish event: The MTV Music event in Bizkaia Spain. They left their decision very late and needed the socks in lightning speed, in 10 days! Kingly prioritized the order, shipped by airfreight and met the deadline.

The result and benefits?

Urgent lead-time met. The socks encourage customer loyalty and increases brand retention at events. The socks are small and light enough to be easily packaged for convenient distribution; they are functional enough for repetitive use and re-enforce brand exposure by participants who wear the socks. In addition to that, the price of the socks always meets MTV’s budget, so always well-priced to fit the event budget!


Corny is a wholesome snack bar produced by the HERO group and sold in more than 40 countries. They requested a mid-calf sock with the addition of terry lining on the sole, which offers a great cushioning effect.

They ran the limited promotion “Buy a box of Corny bars and receive a free pair of socks”.

The result and benefits? 

The event was a resounding success. During the promotion, sales of Corny bars soared by 60%. The only problem? They ran out of socks and reordered urgently. They required 5,000 pairs in 2 weeks. Although the industry turnaround for a quantity like this is 4 weeks, Kingly produced them in lightning speed, in 2 weeks as ordered.
Corny finally repeated the order three times and continue to do so today.


They are an internationally recognised pilot flight-training academy. What is a pilot without a nice pair of comfortable socks?
Each pilot received a pair of socks.

The result and benefits?

The gift created a buzz and gave the pilots a LIFT in motivation. Pardon the pun.

The pilot academy has since been repeating the order each year for the new class of incoming students to spark their interest in becoming pilots.


They continuously use knitted socks as give-aways to staff, and at trade fairs and other events. The socks are always produced in 2 sizes. One size fits all for women and one size fits all for men.

The result and benefits?

Encourages customer loyalty; increases traffic to the web site.


They requested a high quality sports sock with terry cushioning and sports ribbing FOR ARCH SUPPORT. To be given away at summer promotional events and at supermarkets.

The result and benefits?

Encourages customer loyalty; increases brand retention at point of sale.

These socks match that of the best sports brands. The promotional campaign was so successful a repeat order of 1,000 pairs is placed almost monthly to keep it going.