All producers offer standardized socks, meaning you have little choice but to buy a specific style and height of sock.

Many times, customers are looking for a unique sock: nothing available quite fit their requirements. They want the best available options of quality and price and aim for original and unique designs. They dare to be different and so do we.

Kingly will break the rules and knit a full custom sock using all the industry-leading experience and technical resources at our disposal…

At Kingly, all socks are full custom knitted meaning there is a lot of flexibility and leeway with how a sock can be produced.

We truly do go above and beyond the standard level of service – we maximize all of our expertise to create the best socks production imaginable!

Let us take some examples.

  1. A customer wants a knitted crew high dress sock, but they need it to be thicker and warmer as it is for a Christmas give-away. The solution is adding terry lining throughout the inside of the sock, resulting in a warm and cosy product, ideal for this seasonal gift.
  2. A customer requests a unique height of sock with a pique cuff into which the logo is to be knitted. So, not a mid-calf or below the knee height, but in-between the two. We adjust the knitting program to allow for this specific height and create a flat pique cuff so the logo can be knitted to a high standard. Generally, it is not recommended to knit in the cuff area but with some technical modifications, the problem is overcome.
  3. A customer requests a dress sock but would like to add terry lining on the base of the sole for additional comfort, and add ribbing for arch support. No problem. We make it happen.
  4. A customer has a Halloween event and wants an original pair of socks with an out of this world design, which will simply knock the socks off its customers!

We suggest a pair of knee-high socks with a knitted bone design. This resulted in a smash hit at the Halloween event.